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Why BAG?

All of them, really

We at are fed up with consuming whatever TV and cinema are serving us.

We are fed up with asking ourselves "Which movie should I watch tonight?" and spending more time searching than actually watching it.

At, we want to create a new way of discovering and consuming entertainment. We want to give people back the freedom to choose what to watch, based on your own preferences and the people you trust.

Stop watching whatever is on television! This - isnotTV.

Choose who you trust

What if 99% of the world hate Anchovies, but you love them? Tastes are not a matter of majorities, that’s why lets you choose who to trust.

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Talk (& listen) to your friends. Still tweeting and posting movie comments? Get them here instead, and we will bring them together, with care.

Crunched user by user...

You want Movies? We have 3 Millions, so if you don’t have enough time, sign up, and our Algorithm will create a personalised list of recommendations.

(And if you have time to watch all 3 Millions… don’t forget to add to your profile, so your friends know What’s Worth Watching!)


What is isnotTV? The place to discover new movies and series based on your preferences and those of people you choose (and... also to filter out the crap that should had never been filmed!)

How does it work? Rate some movies & series, follow some users alike. And we will take care of the rest...

How much does it cost? Nothing, nada, rien, cero. Forever.

How are you helping me? Your Ratings and Follows form the basis of your Algorithm, so you have more quality stuff to choose from.

Algorithm? Yes! Loads of numbers to analyse the movies you like, those you hate, your friends 'preferences, comments, trends, TV -Series' new episodes, and quite a few other things to craft a UNIQUE, personalised movie stream that continuously evolves around you, and gets better with time.

Algorithm or Friends, then? Ever bought a present for a friend? You'll want to ask someone who knows what he likes.

That’s what we do, but we do it with numbers, loads of numbers - And if you still want the gift wrapping paper, give us a shout.