Movies&Series Content for your newspaper

Add a complete Movies&Series section to your newsapers with no extra effort. A one click instalation to generate Content & Engagement for your readers

Editorial Content

Enrich your articles with isnotTV's tools, or let us directly create highly engaging articles for you (e.g. "New on Netflix" or "5 Movies you cannot miss this month")

Cinema Schedules

A classic Cinema Grid, with all new Movies showing on cimenas, and the options for readers to find local times.

TV Guides

A modern approach to TVGuides, with endless interactive tools, and fully responsive for today's mobile readers

Streaming Guides

Let your readers choose their eveining movie with a comprehensive selection of best content available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, etc..


A unique opportunity to send personalised newsletters to your readers based on the Movies&Series they follow

Push & SMS Alerts

Automatically send a Whatsapp alerts 5 minutes before a TVshow starts, or notify them of new episodes of their favourite Series


How is the integration done?

You would only need to update one line in your DNS provider, so it points to our server (we can help you with that). The rest, it’s under our belt

Anything I need to host/manage?

No, we take care of absolutely everything. And if you prefer to use some of your infrastructure, we can also adapt it very easily

What if I already have a TV Grid?

isnotTV is a fully modular solution, meaning you can pick whatever suits you best, and change it in time.
If you already have a TVGrid you can of course have the rest (Cinema, Streaming, Editorial, engagement tools, etc…)

How is it charged?

We like to work on success, this keeps us motivated to generate top quality content and maintain engagement for your readers. You will be charged monthly based on volume.
For any other models, please contact your sales representative

How can I make money?

isnotTV creates relevant quality content for your readers, the more content, the more PageViews and AdRevenue (banners, etc…)
In addition, you can also have a pre-roll ad before the trailer, which has a much higher CPM

Can I use my own ads?

Yes, you can choose between your own ads, or isnotTV’s ads. In many cases, we start with isnotTV’s Ad-Network, and switch to the publisher’s ads after a few months. We are very flexible on that

Contact us to get started