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The same tech HuffPost uses

Now, free for selected bloggers. A Plug&Play solution to enrich your blog's content with interactive widgets including details, trailers, similars and integration with main VOD providers

  • Interactive widgets (check it on the right)

  • Earn Money (optional)

  • Link to your blog (optional)

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Periódico diario alemán que ultiliza los widgets de isnotTV para enroquecer contenido.

Bento (Germany)

German's top young audiences newspaper (part of Spiegel)

Aleucine (Spain)

One of our first bloggers, Alex been helping isnotTV since we started the project

Need more details?

Contact us, or try the "test widget generator" so you can get a sense of how it works


Is it free?

Yes, at this stage we are offering "Widgets" free to selected bloggers across specific countries where we are launching isnotTV.

What do you expect from me?

Help us keep our database updated (e.g. tell us if a plot description is wrongly translated).

What is the catch?

There is no catch. We give something away in exchange of your help with curating content (it's a clear win-win: you get a nice widget, we get a hand with curation)

Is there a limit?

Yes, after 35,000 widgets/month per site, we start charging a small amount to cover hosting and servers. We think it is fair to charge a little to heavy users.

What is isnotTV?

Bunch of friends who wanted to “Save the World from Watching Crap” (that’s our mission statement). Of course, we will NEVER decide what is good/bad, we just want to help people choose wisely. For that, we put all information on their hands either on, newspapers, or (maybe) your blog/site.

Would you link to my site/blog?

Yes, if you have individual movie reviews, we can link to them. Our mission is to "Save the World from Watching Crap", so if your reviews give useful information to our users, it makes sense to link to them. Also, bear in mind we will NEVER have long reviews (isnotTV's reviews are limited to 160 chars), so your "long reviews" are the perfect addition to isnotTV

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