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We tried to explain isnotTV in a catchy line: "Movie Conversations Brought Together", "What’s Worth Watching?", "Ever asked your friends what to watch?", "The new way to share Movies & Series", "All about movies", "Where movie conversations happen", "the legal option", "Careful, no one remembers what you said about that movie", etc...

Instead, we just wanted to share a thought:

TV brings "Twin Peaks" to People (1990)
People bring "Game of Thrones" to TV (Today)

TEAM is lovingly hand made in house by these four guys, and a whole community of anonymous contributors who offered to help along the way with descriptions, translations, images, shares, etc... To them, our deepest gratitude.

Nacho Rapallo

The techie that likes very weird movies, is compulsively perfectionist, and brought the whole thing to live.

Jaime J Candau

Apart from talking about Marketing and Growth, Jaime pretty much runs the show, (but doesn’t like the CEO label)

Borja Gómez

The grown up in here. Experienced entrepreneur including an exit to Fox International.

Ben Ickenroth

The German in the Team. Is in charge of bringing the freedom to choose into every corner of the world.